Arthur’s Legacy: White widow

Dear friends,

In my last post, I have told you about Arthur’s Legacy. Palm Craft Brewers presents a series of small craft beers (made in the microbrewery ‘De Hoorn’) in a very low quantity.



Today I’m introducing you the first one: ‘White widow’. You can now drink it at the Bruges Beer Museum. They only brewed 600 liters, so you will have to be really really fast to taste a glass. It has a soft bitterness but at the same time it is also very fruity and spicy. They have added the hop sort ‘Comet’. It tastes like lemon, coriander and lemon grass. The beer hasn’t been filtered, so it is quite murky. It has a 7,1 % alcohol level :-).

It hasn’t been bottled, so sadly I cannot ship it to you guys! But I still wanted to let you know, because it tastes sooooo f***** good!




Good news everyone!


Good news everyone!
The Bruges Beer Museum is opening very very soon. It’s opening in the month of July.

It will be a fun and innovative way to get to know more about beer. You can go around and scan items with an iPad and there are even some tastings included in your visit. Definitely exciting!

Follow my blog and you will keep you updated, I promise 😉


Why am I blogging?

Because I have always liked beer more than wine!

Because blogging about beer seems superfun!

Because there is a lot going on right now about beer!

And also a little bit because my boyfriend Thibault is starting the Bruges Beer Museum…

You can find my new webshop here:!

I will also try to keep an updated agenda, so you guys know what to do when you are in Belgium 😉 I will try to put some tasty beers in the picture.

Let me know what you think!