Recipe: Westmalle Tripel & Rabbit

Hi everyone!

Today I’m trying something new.

I have heard rabbit and Westmalle tripel are a golden combination.
So of course I have to try it. It sounds delicious!
It’s not so difficult. Just follow these steps:

1. Put some salt & pepper on the rabbit. Bake your rabbit on both sides till it’s brown (in butter)
2. Bake your vegetables: onions, garlic, celery, carrots…
3. Add your vegetables to your rabbit. Add some spices (of your choice), your westmalle beer and some dried apricots.
4. Let it cook for some time.

TIP: It always tastes better the next day!

Succes, C.

Westmalle Tripel & Rabbit


2 thoughts on “Recipe: Westmalle Tripel & Rabbit

  1. Nice. Might have to try that, but with a local strong ale. Wish I could get some of the local rabbits too – thousands of them up the road, but we don’t have a very egalitarian hunting culture so I can’t get any direct from souce…


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