Cold cold beer

Hi guys,


I have been away on a little holiday for a small week 🙂

It was amazing! We went to Île de Re, super relaxing. 

And of course, with lots of sun… so of course lots of terraces…

And as you can not put ice cubes in your beer, what do you do? 

See the photo bellow … Isn’t that fantastic? I want to buy that! But I haven’t find where yet, do you guys know?

Thanks a lot!


Cold cold beer


Now Bruges Has It All

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Bruges, Belgium is, with good reason, one of Europe’s most popular cities with travelers. Stunning architecture, romantic canals, beautiful churches, terrific art, and mind-blowingly fabulous chocolate—Bruges has it all. It even has the world’s only frites museum. Now Bruges has launched its first beer museum.


On July 5th, entrepreneurs Thibault Bekaert and Emmanuel Maertens opened the Bruges Beer Museum in the old Postgebouw building on the historic Grote Markt in the heart of town. Of course the highlight of the attraction is a chance to sample some of Belgium’s hundreds of phenomenal brews.




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Beer bread

Hi folks!

Yesterday evening I tried to make beer bread. And yes, you read it right, tried.

It didn’t really work out. The taste was good, but it looks like you can hit somebody with it on the head 🙂 Also it didn’t taste enough like beer for me. I used Viven (brown).

On the photo you can see my boyfriend pretended to like it and he actually ate some pieces, that made me feel a lot better! Haha.

Do you guys have an idea how to make it? In other words, do you have the perfect recipe?

Thanks a bunch!


New product online: Duvel mini

Good day!

Yet another new product for sale on my webshop.

The little brother of the Duvel 33cl: the Duvel mini (25 cl). I think it’s kind of cute 🙂

I guess I do not have to explain how Duvel tastes like? It’s one of our most famous beers.  I personally like it a lot.

Check it out here!



Inauguration new brewing room ‘De Halve Maan’

De Halve MaanGood evening!

Two weeks ago was the inauguration of the new brewing room of ‘De Halve Maan’.
They are known for their Brugse Zot & Straffe Hendrik. It was a grand opening with of course a lot of  their delicious beers, a stunning Power Point presentation that explained the history, girls dancing in front of the new kettles and a lovely dinner/barbecue.

Do yo know what Brugse Zot means? Maybe you can guess it if you see the label on the bottle 😉



Recipe: Westmalle Tripel & Rabbit

Hi everyone!

Today I’m trying something new.

I have heard rabbit and Westmalle tripel are a golden combination.
So of course I have to try it. It sounds delicious!
It’s not so difficult. Just follow these steps:

1. Put some salt & pepper on the rabbit. Bake your rabbit on both sides till it’s brown (in butter)
2. Bake your vegetables: onions, garlic, celery, carrots…
3. Add your vegetables to your rabbit. Add some spices (of your choice), your westmalle beer and some dried apricots.
4. Let it cook for some time.

TIP: It always tastes better the next day!

Succes, C.

Westmalle Tripel & Rabbit