New product online: Straffe Hendrik Wild

Dear all,

There is a new product online in my webshop! I personally like this beer very much.

If you are ready to go wild, you should try the new Straffe Hendrik Wild. You can taste the aroma hops, it goes perfectly along with the hints of citrus & apricot. This beer is from the brewery ‘De Halve Maan’ it’s also known for their Brugse Zot.

They have just opened a new brewery room (yesterday was the official inauguration) but I will blog about that later!

Click here to order it!




6 thoughts on “New product online: Straffe Hendrik Wild

  1. Visited Staffe Hendrick while
    Living in Brussels a few years ago, great brewery tucked away in Bruges! Know where to find this in SoCal? Cheers!


  2. Jon Stone says:

    Visited the brewery a few years ago. The Tripel is one of the best out there. Is this different to their usual Tripel or is it just re-branding?


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