Visit Palm Breweries

Hi there!

Last week I visited the Palm Brewery. It was very interesting and I took some pictures for you. You can check them out in my gallery below.

I also followed a course to improve my beer tapping skills 😉 It was very interesting and fun. Now I know how to tap the perfect pint. And now I also know why people sometimes get headaches from their beer. There are definitely some no-no’s, for example pulling your glass up and down while tapping.

Watch out bartenders… 🙂





2 thoughts on “Visit Palm Breweries

  1. Thanks for the post, but I have to know, what are the tapping no-nos? Especially interested in the headache bit. I always thought that was simply a result of alcohol making the brain swell. (not in a positive way either) Brewery looks like a nice place to visit.


    • Hey!
      First of all you have to make sure you have a clean glass (otherwise your foam will not be perfect).
      Don’t put your glass up high, otherwise you are letting too much air in your glass.
      When you have poured your perfect beer, put your glass away, so no drops can fall in your glass. It also damages the beer and foam. Basically, the CO2 is responsible for your headaches.
      Opening and closing the faucet fast is also improving the quality of your beer.
      If you have poured a beer and you see there isn’t enough foam, just pour a new one. If you refill it again then you are letting air again in your glass.
      Hope this answers your question 🙂


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