New product online: Martin’s IPA

Hi everybody!

And again… a new beer online.  Also rather new and hoppy! I guess you are starting to know my favorite beers now… 🙂

A British IPA (Indian Pale Ale) with a peppery approach, a bit bitter but not aggressively.  A real great ale « made in England ». God save that Beer !

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New product online: Straffe Hendrik Wild

Dear all,

There is a new product online in my webshop! I personally like this beer very much.

If you are ready to go wild, you should try the new Straffe Hendrik Wild. You can taste the aroma hops, it goes perfectly along with the hints of citrus & apricot. This beer is from the brewery ‘De Halve Maan’ it’s also known for their Brugse Zot.

They have just opened a new brewery room (yesterday was the official inauguration) but I will blog about that later!

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Visit Palm Breweries

Hi there!

Last week I visited the Palm Brewery. It was very interesting and I took some pictures for you. You can check them out in my gallery below.

I also followed a course to improve my beer tapping skills 😉 It was very interesting and fun. Now I know how to tap the perfect pint. And now I also know why people sometimes get headaches from their beer. There are definitely some no-no’s, for example pulling your glass up and down while tapping.

Watch out bartenders… 🙂




Good news everyone!


Good news everyone!
The Bruges Beer Museum is opening very very soon. It’s opening in the month of July.

It will be a fun and innovative way to get to know more about beer. You can go around and scan items with an iPad and there are even some tastings included in your visit. Definitely exciting!

Follow my blog and you will keep you updated, I promise 😉


You want?

Hi everyone,

My stock is expanding…. It’s difficult to keep up with the tasting 🙂

What Belgian Beers do YOU like the most?