Heineken everywhere??!

I’m surprised.

We are just back from our holidays in the South of France (for the curious people, we stayed in a little village called Vacquières). And what did we see? In EVERY bar or café there was Heineken on draft. Let’s say, 5 years ago, that wasn’t the case at all. I thought the French were quite chauvinistic? It used to be 1664/Kronenbourg.. And to be honest, I liked that a lot more.

I must say I silently hope that it changes again and that France can be proud of it’s own beer…

Or am I wrong? Are there any french bloggers here that know more?

Bye the way, you mustn’t be fooled by all the mass production of beer (and wine ;-) in France. You can find a lot of variety beers there too. For example the Ch’ti beer, that is now well-known thanks to the film ‘Bienvenue chez les Ch’ti’s‘.  If you like French films, you should definitely put in on your list! 




Tasting: Bierboom

Hello guys,

Tonight we are tasting the Bierboom Tripel. Thank you Rudy Vossen for bringing it over to the beer museum.

It has a 8,5% alcohol and has a very hoppy taste! I would definitely recommend it if you like the hoppy flavor. The name comes from the stick people used, to carry the beer. See the picture below to understand and see what I mean ;-)


The beer is also called after a bar that we have here in Bruges (with the same name). You can find that bar in the ‘Langestraat’.

I also took a picture of us tasting it, hope you like it!



Canon EOS 1200d


Hello there!

Great news! I’m spoiled!

As from yesterday I have a new camera … A Canon EOS 1200D. I also got two lenses and a tripod.

I’m fully geared now… Now I only have to learn the principles of photography ;-) But that won’t be a problem, because the camera came with an application that can be installed on my iPhone. And it’s great, there are super interesting tutorials and exercises on it. It encourages you to try different types of pictures. I guess the best way to learn it, is to practice a lot.

Yesterday evening I’ve tried to take some pictures of course. You can see some in my gallery.

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If you have tips & tricks, do not hesitate to let me know!





Thank you!

Hi there!
I’m very happy to see that I have 200 followers now 😃
Beer is a hot topic and I really like the positivism on my blog.
If you have questions or improvements, please let me know!
Also if you’d like to see some extra beers or products on my webshop, I can always add them.
Thanks again,



Thibault & Préaris Quadruple

Préaris Quadrupel

Hi folks!

Here I am again :-)

We tasted another beer last night, the Préaris Quadrupel.

In 2011 it was chosen to be the best hobby beer in Belgium. It has a 10% alcohol level.

We have chosen this beer, because it is brewed nereby! Only 5 kilometers from our door.  Unbelievable, right? The brewery is called ‘Vliegende paard brouwers’. If I try to translate it from Dutch to English: ‘The flying horse brewers’. Crazy name ;-)

It has an aroma of burned malt, caramel, a little bit of vanilla & dark fruit. I think it would perfectly fit after a meal, as a dessert.




Cold cold beer

Hi guys,


I have been away on a little holiday for a small week :-)

It was amazing! We went to Île de Re, super relaxing. 

And of course, with lots of sun… so of course lots of terraces…

And as you can not put ice cubes in your beer, what do you do? 

See the photo bellow … Isn’t that fantastic? I want to buy that! But I haven’t find where yet, do you guys know?

Thanks a lot!


Cold cold beer

Now Bruges Has It All

Originally posted on Travel Between The Pages:


Bruges, Belgium is, with good reason, one of Europe’s most popular cities with travelers. Stunning architecture, romantic canals, beautiful churches, terrific art, and mind-blowingly fabulous chocolate—Bruges has it all. It even has the world’s only frites museum. Now Bruges has launched its first beer museum.


On July 5th, entrepreneurs Thibault Bekaert and Emmanuel Maertens opened the Bruges Beer Museum in the old Postgebouw building on the historic Grote Markt in the heart of town. Of course the highlight of the attraction is a chance to sample some of Belgium’s hundreds of phenomenal brews.




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